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Fjord masters the art of the slow burn on "My Body so Calm"

Quebec City duo Fjord is one of those artists that just makes a soothing slow burner feel so good. "My Body so Calm" is a liquified electro-jam that will ease you perfectly into the weekend. It's a cut from their sophomore EP, Shallow Waters, that expands upon this fluid theme of ambient-laden textures. 


Fjord are masters of the mercurial and atmospheric. "My Body so Calm" is the perfect example of the duo's unconventional songwriting and incredible sonic dynamics. It's like a refreshing splash of cool water in the early morning hours. The duo isn't afraid to take chances to challenge themselves beyond their signature downbeat compositions. Even with a slow burner like this one, there's undeniable energy that encourages mental and physical rejuvenation. 

"My Body so Calm" is the closing track to the duo's new release, Shallow Waters, and we caught up with members Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santais to hear more about the record,

"The album finishes with the maximum output of energy we’ve been able to deliver so far in a song. A dancey tune with a lot of contrasts and destabilizing features, such as sections starting on odd beats, and weird cuts in the music obtained through self-sampling. For us, it was a successful and fun attempt at new recording techniques and composition style."

Fjord's Shallow Waters is out now!

Connect with Fjord: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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