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Paige Bea offers cautionary tale with "Burnout"

Music is full of songs about love and coming of age and many times, these songs are so overly sensational that they lose their basis in reality. Singer Paige Bea trends in the opposite direction, with an artistic perspective that exudes raw honesty. The London-based songwriter’s single “Burnout” shows that she not only has impressive musicianship, but also that there's no holding back when it comes to her work.

The slow-churning track focuses on people holding themselves to unattainable standards, leading to a feeling of burnout. In the lead up to the song’s sweeping hooks, Bea offers some of her hardest hitting lyrics as she croons, “Too afraid to give up, we grind our dreams into dust, and it’s all getting too much.” Bea’s concise wording cuts right to the core of the issue and will definitely resonate with anyone who has grappled with these concerns in their life.

The production on “Burnout” from Leo Wyatt (KINDER) and Jonjo Keefe (Park Hotel) effectively supports Bea’s emotional musings. The music holds back during the verses with simple percussion and keyboard pads before releasing a wave of synths in the choruses. With strong production to match her unique perspective and vocal delivery, Paige Bea will be one to watch in 2019.

“Burnout” is the title track of Bea’s forthcoming debut EP, due out January 25 on Lapsang House.

Connect with Paige Bea: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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