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Ginevra releases enchanting single "Lips"

Today’s addition to my atmospheric playlist is Ginevra’s single “Lips”. It’s constructed of slow, soft vocals, trickling piano keys, and an emotional build up to an ending of dramatic percussion. The Italian singer-songwriter releases the track today as the second single off her debut EP Ruins.  


Growing up surrounded by wilderness, it’s no surprise that this influence is evident in Ginevra’s work. There is something incredibly otherworldly that envelops this piece. Her debut single “Forest” is equally as inviting. It too shows off that steady, enchanting voice that made me love “Lips” within the first moments of hitting the play button. Speaking on this single, Ginevra says that “Lips” represents how she felt at the beginning of a new chapter, crowned by the struggles she faces every time with unfinished internal businesses and a new love right around the corner.

I suggest sitting back and letting Ginevra's timeless voice take you into that next chapter. 

Connect with Ginevra: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Alternative · Indie


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