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New Dialogue deserves to be heard on "Neon Ocean"

Los Angeles-based New Dialogue is a band to be reckoned with. With a stadium-sized sound, they bring the energy on "Neon Ocean." Today, they've unveil their moody new music video that tells a mischievous and mysterious story. 

The opening guitar riff falls like drops of rain on a windowpane as we're introduced to the world of New Dialogue. Ela Kitapci and Taylor Morrow's vocals croon softly with a dark undertone of impending friction.  In the video, we're introduced to a dark-haired figure - a ghost or spirit that seems to represent the darker side of ourselves.

The band effortlessly builds to the climactic chorus that soars over dramatic drums and sizzling synths. There's an air of confusion, grief, and confrontation in the frantic words, 

Tongue tied, In slow motion

My head is a neon ocean

We caught up with New Dialogue to get their take on the track & video, 

“The idea of an alter ego type character projection has always been an interesting theme to us and one that we felt sat really well in the feel of this song.”

"Neon Ocean" definitely gives off a Jekyll & Hyde vibe with a smooth subtle beginning to reel in the listener, followed by intense, provocative layers that create a menacing wall of sound. This is an extremely promising release from New Dialogue as they are preparing to drop an EP later this year. 2019 is proving to be a big year for the LA five-piece as they will be joining Smallpools on their 2019 So Social Tour.

Connect with New Dialogue: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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