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Introducing: River Spirit and her intoxicating new single, "Blessings"

Coming to your eardrums from the city of Detroit, please enjoy River Spirit and her latest single, “Blessings.”

Clocking in at 1:47, “Blessings” is criminally short. Just as you’re getting into the swing of things, River Spirit rips the rug from under ya. While this is frustrating, it’s for a good reason. “Blessings” is lively. It feels improvised, yet refined. And if this is the Detroit native’s way of hooking in potential fans before her new project debuts January 25, she’s doing a fantastic job.

What’s most notable from the small taste of River Spirit you get in “Blessings” is the way she blends the instrumentation. Though she incorporates drums, pianos, guitar, and multiple vocals together, there’s never a time where one instrumental steals the show, vocals included. Instead, each piece fits into the greater picture River Spirit paints. Ultimately, “Blessings” is layering done right. The song is upbeat and exciting and feels fresher and deeper the more you listen to it.

Press play on “Blessings” above and be sure to keep your ears glued to your favorite streaming platform on Friday, January 25th, when River Spirit drops her latest album, Me I Fall.

Connect with River Spirit: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook

Funk · Indie · Jazz Fusion · Premiere · Soul


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