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Tour the "Cityscapes" with Vern Matz

Indie trio Vern Matz has asserted an impressively honest, timeless sound on new single "Cityscapes."

Calming, melancholic, and peaceful, the Yale collegiates bring a washed, calming energy to life in this track. It's understated but moving, it's nostalgic but modern, it's fleeting but still. Sometimes "being stuck inside at noon" is just what you need and the guys behind Vern Matz relay it beautifully in this single. 
They also prove they have a way with words, beautifully stringing together their stories into time-honored melodies. In their own words, this song is a "simple song about feeling small in a big city." For Vern Matz, it's a reminder of "working long hours in tall buildings, daydreaming about what's outside."
"Cityscapes" is a gorgeous representation of a complex and nuanced poem that metaphorically compares the trappings of love and the decisions we make. All of this backed by the longing of an acoustic guitar's strumming that plods along with a soaring electric guitar's melody that drops in at the 1:23 mark to set sail to our hearts.

Check them out on socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Acoustic · Chillout · Indie · Premiere


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