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Luttrell revives Tycho's "Epoch" title track in new remix

Luttrell has released a fresh new remix of "Epoch," the title track to Tycho's nearly three year old album of the same name. And after Tycho released his first new music in nearly the same amount of time at the end of 2018, this new remix seems to signal more coming from the Ghostly International camp as the year progresses. 

Here, Luttrell's talent is on display while we are reminded of our affinity for Tycho's laid back electronica. The two artists' styles are matched perfectly, with Luttrell's finely nuanced deep house style bringing a new uplifting expanse for the track to keep its footing. Luttrell's remix really gives the "Epoch" title ample meaning, building emotion as minimal bass develops into connective cinematic storytelling.

Connect with Luttrell: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Deep House · Electronic


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