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Even though "I'm Shy When I'm Around You" we can still boogie down to Justin Jay's latest track [Premiere]

Justin Jay is a master at crafting sonically sophisticated soundscapes that turns time into a malleable concept and allows listeners to truly lose themselves in ethereal bliss. Justin's latest track "I'm Shy When I'm Around You" is, for lack of a better word, a VIBE. Delivering a seamless blend of ambient elements laced over a catchy house beat, this latest track is a dreamlike sonic offering full of complex production that would immediately boost anyone's serotonin levels. 

The beautiful and mesmerizing synth melody adds a playful element to the track keeping it light and buoyant. "I'm Shy When I'm Around You" is a more ambient house direction for Justin Jay but isn't far from his Fantastic Voyage tracks or the rest of his good-vibe, lose yourself on the dance floor with a carefree grin brand of music.  This is the first single off his upcoming album Everything will come together, Pt. 1, set for release later this summer. 

With restless experimentation, Justin continues to explore the limitless boundaries of his own production style. At any moment, a Justin Jay DJ sets can contain hard-hitting, booty dropping bass or a fun-loving nu-disco track. Either way, the young producer continues to dominate dance floors across the globe without sacrificing his own creative flex. 

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Ambient House · House · Main Stage


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