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Minke returns with the break up anthem “Too Late”

Minke is back - and it’s with passion. The British singer-songwriter returns to headphones today with the release of “Too Late”.

The single shows off Minke’s flawless vocal range. Opening with a soulful humming and moving into a soaring chorus, I’m finding it impossible not to belt it out alongside her at full volume. Following one of my favourite tracks of 2018, “Maybe 25”, she does not disappoint with this latest.

“Too Late” comes from a place after a bad break up. Minke says she needed to get it out of her system, that she was “trying to rationalize it and take the high road, but knew what had happened was wrong”. She “revels in the petty, just for a second. Thank you, next.” This is the anthem we needed and wanted from Minke. Along with the single, Minke announced her eagerly awaited EP The Tearoom, which drops March 8.

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Indie · Indie Pop · U.K.


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