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Someone releases instant classic "Pull It Together"

Someone has us wondering why we can't all "Pull It Together" from her brilliant new single. The track floats through the internet via PIAS.

Reminiscent of the days of Chill FM dropping incredibly vibrant study tunes (like epic 90s French band AIR) Someone merges that slow sunrise feeling with a positively psychedelic, and fresh outlook. As a result warm, infectious electronica easily toasts our morning. We can tell it's going to be a good day after listening to this jam.

However there's more to this project too. Taken off her upcoming EP Orbit, Someone is also an outlet for talented multi-disciplinary artist Tessa Rose Jackson's other creative pursuits as well. In doing so, "Pull It Together" comes with a new-found intensity in fusing art and music together. Because interestingly for this release, Jackson has created an augmented reality exhibition. The exhibition will be shown in gallery space across Europe, and Eurosonic festival on the 18th January.

Check "Pull It Together" out above, and keep up-to-date with Jackson's artistic experiences by following on social media below.

Connect with Someone: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify



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David Stallings
2 years ago

beautiful art.