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Daniel Steinberg's newest EP comes at the cusp of 'Twilight'

Returning to his Arms & Legs imprint, producer Daniel Steinberg rolls in the new year with three delectably groovy tracks in EP Twilight. While music trends tend to come and go, Steinberg continues to exist as a constant creative force in the industry, basking in the funk house music had always been rooted in and twisting sounds into exceedingly outstanding creations. 

Unsurprisingly, the producer's music sensibilities come from overcoming a constant threshold.
"For a while there I was too much in my own head... over thinking the music and what I should be making,"But then something clicked and I just stopped giving a shit and the tracks just flowed out easily from a very peaceful place." Steinberg shares. 
Twilight comes at the cusp of his letting go and exhibits his carefree attitude with masterful fluidity. Title track "Twilight" is the epitome of tasteful euphoria, an intricate fusion of delicate pads and infectious vocals - laden with soulful elements throughout. The funkadelic groove does not go unnoticed in the track as Steinberg builds up the song with melodic bass, seeping with optimistic nonchalance. "E-tron" follows as a big-room banger with his careful curation of low-end, crunchy synths and a string of tight-knit percussion. However, Steinberg's versatility shines through in "E-Tron" backed by the classy ambiance of "Lesson Learned" - a track heavily reliant on futuristic bass lines and beautifully layered melodies for a smooth classic feel.


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