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Babalou releases debut EP 'In The Jungle' via Sola Records

While Colin Airey may not be new to the scene, his newest moniker Babalou is; quickly ascending in popularity with his fiery debut EP release on Sola Records, In The Jungle is an impeccable after-hours compilation that truly solidifies his natural affinity for dance music.

Leading title track "In The Jungle" welcomes us into the exotic with a flair of tantalizing tribal intoxication. Airey dives deep into the undergrowth of the jungle with eerie vocal samples, interspersed throughout the hypnotic drum lines. The subtle layers of bird chirps and tasteful percussions, move the track to elevated heights of sensual addiction. "El Sonido" on the other hand, takes In The Jungle to euphoric heights, quick pulses of synths and relentless percussive beats grooving effortlessly to the vocals. With such an wildly infectious and funky debut, we look forward to what Babalou has in store for us.

Buy/stream In The Jungle here.

Connect with Babalou: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Tech House · Tribal


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