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ISA contemplates the struggles in unhealthy relationships in new release "Craving"

Entering the new year with a catchy release "Craving", Swedish songstress ISA is well on her way to make her mark in pop music's never-ending games. A sugary-sweet anthem, "Craving" traverses the difficult landscape of unhealthy relationships through lush sonic textures and smooth vocals.

"Most people knows how hard it is to act rationally in relationships," ISA explains. ""Craving" interprets the dilemma in trying to resist the attraction of a person who adversely affects one's life, while it’s so insanely magical to be near him or her for the moment. The song is about losing yourself in a destructive relationship and pending between these emotions." Akin to this tug-of-war, ISA masterfully weaves the track together with her robust vocals, blending the melodious instrumentals into a succinct, flawless harmony. The chorus is particularly infectious, and while effervescent, retains a laid-back vibe.

"When we wrote "Craving" we were inspired by the sound of Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean"," ISA shares. "Tove Burman created a baseline and we immediately found the cool vibe that the song still contains today. The first baseline actually turned out to be the current verse melody and we wrote a new base, which is the one you hear in "Craving". I like to take inspiration by artists from older eras and create something modern."

ISA is set to release her debut album in April, via her own record label Licious Music

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