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Kid Koala and Trixie Whitley are back with "Hera's Song"

After thrilling our eardrums with the off-kilter single "All Of You", the duo of producer/DJ Kid Koala and vocalist Trixie Whitley, are back with a solid follow up titled "Hera's Song". The song continues the trend set by "All Of You" where multi-layered textures are placed against Whitley's expressive vocals. "Hera's Song" really takes it to a whole new plateau as Kid Koala draws inspiration from the character of Hera in Greek mythology, the vindictive wife of Zeus whose jealous wrath targeted her husband’s love interest, Io. The brooding soundscape forms the perfect foundation for Whitley's fiery performance as she embodies her spirit and channels it into the song.

“Hera’s Song” follows the release of previous album singles “All For You” featuring Trixie Whitley and the instrumental “Allotropic”. Both tracks will be included on the eighteen track Music To Draw To: Io, a collection of transportive electronic and ambient creations available on pre-order in double vinyl, deluxe sketchbook CD, and all digital formats now. The first volume of the series was 2017’s Music To Draw To: Satellite, which featured vocalist Emilíana Torríni.

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