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Kita Menari channels major 80s vibes in "Pretty Sure"

I prefer to start my weekends off with some 1980's-inspired synth-pop. In my opinion, you can pump yourself up with any playlist from that decade. Moreover, when I find a track with that same flavour in the modern indie-pop world, I have it blaring. What found me this week was Dutch artist Kita Menari’s new single “Pretty Sure”.

Kita Menari, which means ‘we dance’ in Malay, came into being through a life-threatening experience. While scuba diving in Malaysia, Micha de Jonge, the voice behind “Pretty Sure”, discovered his oxygen tank had become  jammed underwater. After fighting his way to the surface on a final breath, he spent the night celebrating being alive. In his pocket the next morning was a note reading the artist’s new name. “Kita Menari” was not only his new title, but his musical motto as he moved forward in his career.

Kita Menari is gearing up for his upcoming appearance at Eurosonic in the Netherlands on January 19th.

Connect with Kita Menari online: Website | Facebook |Instagram | Spotify

Indie · Indie Pop · Synth


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