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Kevin Sinatra is "Lord Frio The Lone Wolf" in brand new video

"I made this for EVERYONE especially VA when you have to drive on I-95 South and see that flag waving high! I’m Here To Stop All Dat", tweeted Virginia native Kevin Sinatra, upon the release of his latest video. The talented rapper has been releasing some great music now for a few years, and has adorned our pages a fair few times. 

The latest track that Kevin has bestowed upon us is an off the cuff melodic rap thinker, that carries an important message through it's imagery. Most noticeable of these images is the burning of the racist confederate flag. The flag is often seen as a symbol of hate and oppression yet some Americans still fly it with pride. Sinatra's approach to this song is slightly different to his others, as he takes a more melodic approach. Gold grill gleaming, Kev raps into the camera in some very slick portrait shots. The instrumental kicks from being a piano driven 808 beat, to an avant garde eclectic banger.

Connect with Kevin: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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