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Jerry Williams makes crashing 2019 debut with "David at the Bar"

"David at the Bar/when you shook my hand/Your skin was rough/like the sign of a working man," sings Jerry Williams as her latest single "David at the Bar" kicks into gear. The track is an earnest, heartfelt-but-not-Hallmark account of the singer's chance encounter with an addict at a bar. 

The simple but powerful single has an air of Celtic rock. "David at the Bar" feels like a guy you know already. What is remarkable about this song is that it manages to create an honest picture of how sad addiction is without making it camp or melodramatic. The UK singer imbibes the minimalist guitar with deft storytelling. Of the encounter, Williams says: 

I just felt this weird, bizarre connection to this man. He said “If you write a song about me I promise I’ll give up drink” and I said “You should give up drink anyway, but I will”. The next day this song was written, I haven’t found him to tell him but I would love to find him. His name is David and I literally just met him at a bar, and that’s what this song is about.

I am officially starting a search for David from the bar with this write-up. 

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