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Chart the course of San Holo's rise with early lo-fi alias Casilofi's 'Create, Create, Create' EP

Before Sander Van Dijck grew to international fame as San Holo or co-founded the label bitbird, he was a kid producing earnest music in his bedroom in the Netherlands under the alias Casilofi. The label has released a selection of four tender tracks from those sessions under a new EP entitled Create, Create, Create (perhaps a nod to the label's tagline, "create forever?").

Devotees of San Holo and bitbird's catalogue will marvel at the gentle, ambient works, which draw a clear line in the sand towards San's current offerings, favoring themes of hopefulness and nostalgia. Sander remarks, “Casilofi is the first electronic project I ever started in terms of producing my own music. It really started when I first got my laptop. A new world opened for me when I realized I could record things myself and layer things. I didn’t have to rely on a band, I could just take everything into my own hands. It was just 100% my own creativity that went into it, that really appealed to me.”

Take a meandering lo-fi journey through the roots of today's bitbird classics with Casilofi's rose-tinted tunes, and perhaps you will feel inspired to create something marvelous of your own. 

Create, Create, Create Full Tracklist:

  1. Little Treasures
  2. Create, Create, Create
  3. The Here, The Now
  4. The Little Things In Life

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