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7 Minutes Dead and Emsi can't live "Without Chu" in buttery-sweet anthem

With a seemingly effortless wave of a hand, producer 7 Minutes Dead strings us into an electronic daydream of funky bops and quirky melodies in latest release "Without Chu". A buttery-sweet and effervescent track, the producer is joined by artist Emsi who adds her own flair of angelic innocence to the song.

Grounded in light-hearted synths and a medley of retro, chiptune influences, "Without Chu" is drenched in optimism, driven forward with the unique fluidity 7 Minutes Dead excels in. While notably more endearing in its pitched vocal chops and bounce-laden melody (in comparison to his previous releases), Emsi's sincerity shines through as an effortless pairing, elevating the track to a groove exceedingly authentic and pure.

Buy/stream "Without Chu" here.


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