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The New Division's vintage inspired visuals of loneliness

Bright electronic soundscapes showcasing bittersweet lyrics, new wave synth artist The New Division has just released his new video “Jealous”. The 80s esque track features driving beats and melancholy lyrics telling a story of longing for intimacy in a relationship lost. 

The retro video begins in an apartment where John Glenn Kunkel (The New Division) is drinking and reminiscing on a past love. With luminous colorful light reflecting the scene, he’s envisioning being intimate with his past love once again. The visual cuts to him by himself at a bar then on a rooftop. Everywhere he goes he finds himself alone, calling out to her and longing for what once was a connection rarely found to him. Throughout the video Kunkel is wearing a cast, representing the emotional and physical pain left behind from a broken relationship.

The New Division has found success with millions of plays on Spotify and is one of the most important acts in new wave synth genre. Known for radiating emotive vocals over stunningly eerie productions, The New Division highlights a distinct vintage sound with modern flair.  Enjoy watching "Jealous".

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