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Join the 'Occult Electric' by Sound Strider

Sound Strider has released his fifth EP, 'Occult Electric' and it is a satisfying romp through the wonder of Greek mythology. The project, put together by Sam Waks, sets out to explore electronic music with an underground ethos and approach.

This four-track banger is the cross section of the occult and electronic music. Sound Strider dives deep into the recesses of electronica in search of new forms through the use of vintage analog loops creating illuminated soundscapes that seem as if they are refracted through the lens of a Ouija looking glass. 

Rhythmic, complex, rich and ripe with intricate textures 'Occult Electric' nails the devilish vibe. A tugging at primal strings in the subconscious urges you to hit the replay button or is it subliminal? 

Everything about 'Occult Electric' is eclectic and undeniably weird but it makes me adore Sound Strider and this project all the more. 'Occult Electric' is a fun, dark, somewhat witty ode to a high school me that loved Lord of the Rings and reading about Greek mythology complete with a glitch-hop breakbeat. So if you are in the mood for some pentagrams and a lesson in supernatural give this a whirl. 

Check Sound Strider out on socials: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloudSpotify

Electronic · Experimental · Glitch


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