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Joey BASE mixes his rough background against lush soundscapes on "Sliding"

UK rapper Joey BASE doesn't shy away from his past and aims to share his stories in his music.  The South London based act who was raised by Congolese parents tapped into his love for music to change his life around. His new single "Sliding" serves as a mellow party starter and also an avenue for the man to share his trials and tribulations without sounding too gloomy.

Over a groovy, laid-back afrowave soundscape, he raps with a flamboyant flow not to glamorize but to applaud himself for coming from such a dark place to such a positive place in his life. He talks about all the hard work he did for him to climb out of the bottom and he makes it clear that he is not looking back. Steeled by the hustler mentality he briefly touches on how record labels tried to get their paws on his publishing and his masters when he says “I ain't signing for less than 20 bricks”. From the look of things, Joey BASE has a plan and is already taken his matters into his hands by launching his own indie label N2S and is hands-on on all issues regarding his music career.

You can also get "Sliding" on Spotify.

Connect with Joey BASE  : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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