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Aiona is okay with not being everyone's cup of "Tea"

There’s unshackling freedom that comes from understanding you can’t be everyone’s everything. It’s that same spirit of self-assuredness that Aiona is setting the new year off with.  “Tea” is an impenitent goodbye to a companion, but she’s careful to note that her decision to change doesn’t mean she’s switched up. The track marks her own change from being a crutch others depend on to instead be everything she needs for herself. Though “Tea” is a farewell, it doesn’t come without compassion, as Aiona attempts to leave morsels of advice for those on the receiving end of her choices.

Aiona’s sympathetic yet savage melodic style is blinding in earth-shattering honesty. An essential dose of reality, Aiona’s words sting like a painful but necessary antiseptic. “Tea” is gentle but unyielding; its lyrics have the ability to set ablaze a dormant relationship and then watch it go down in flames. At only 20 years old, Aiona’s rich, linguistic fierceness is exemplary of her precocious wisdom.

With production from Brampton’s Martin Sole, “Tea”’s rhythmic molasses blurs between grimy 808's and dysphoric soul. “Tea” reminds listeners that sometimes you need to temper the amount of energy you give -- otherwise you’ll risk drowning in the feelings of others.

Connect with Aiona: Instagram | Soundcloud

Ambient R&B · Minimal RnB · Soul-Hop


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