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Golf Clap remixes Broods' "Peach" into a powerful requiem

Detroit house duo Golf Clap effortlessly remixes Broods' "Peach" for a powerful requiem of sensual intricacies. Having delved into different lanes of music via remixing, the duo wrap up the year with this track, introducing a more eloquent and moodier vibe to their repertoire. 

"We really liked the vocals on this song and wanted to give it a whole new feel with the music," the duo shares. "We've been writing a lot more melodic music lately and can't wait to release some more originals tracks in this lane." Certainly, we're excited to see what else Golf Clap has in store for us in the new year.

Fusing the original light-hearted track with soft chords, the duo curates a journey of smooth reverbs and infectious vocal hooks - painting a picture of a hazy dance floor teeming with swaying hips and dimmed lights. Golf Clap's music sensibilities, culpable of drawing listeners in with their mastery of harmonic dubs, inflect a sensuality over "Peaches" - evolving the song for a new and unique feel.

Connect with Golf Clap: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Broods: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Deep House · House


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