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E.GG shares his personal struggles on "Over"

Winnipeg based Filipino hip-hop act E.GG has released a heartfelt record titled "Over" detailing his humble beginnings and then some.

The record is reflective on the various life challenges E.CG has had to overcome to get to his current place in life. What makes the track even more engaging is a combination of the laid back and soulful production courtesy of the producer behind the scenes, New Picasso, and E.CG's emotional flow and delivery. The track isn't rushed and slowly takes the listener down the path he has threaded before just to make the example more vivid.

"Over" is the second single off  Smoke & Mirrors, a five-song collaborative project between E.CG and producer New Picasso. The project is his newest November release, a tradition he has been keeping for the last three years. 

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