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Valipala's "Joanne" is a love story with a twisted ending

Valipala is the new moniker for the Brooklyn based five-piece progressive soul band formerly known as With Snack. The band's new name comes as a form of revitalization, showcasing the musical path the Quintet are heading down. Their newest single, "Joanne", feels like a trip down memory lane with its TV-theme music vibe. The expert blend of jazz and funk is one of the strong points but more importantly, the songwriting continues the tale of an individual who is apprehensive over kick-starting a potential relationship. Vocalist Lauren Scales bring the story to life with her lively angelic vocals and soothing melodies over the vibrant layered soundscape as she draws the listener into the heart of the story.

"Joanne" is taken from the band's upcoming album Bubble and builds off of their last single “Yes!” in which the band's “hero bursts through and manages to confess their love, the story ending in a cliffhanger at the critical moment". "Joanne", however, goes the opposite direction with the hero choosing not to follow through with his intended feelings and instead choosing a life of solitude.

Connect with Valipala: Soundcloud | Facebook  |Official website| Twitter | Instagram



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