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Laurence Guy provides a remix for LEISURE's "Feeling Free"

The five piece group from New Zeland, LEISURE, recently released a remix of their track "Feeling Free." With just over 50 million streams on their 2016 debut album, Leisure, the group has raised a strong and loyal following. The mix released by the group features the work of London based producer and DJ, Laurence Guy

Known for his house and disco sound, Laurence Guy speeds up the tempo in his remix, and includes short samples from the original "Feeling Free." The track is almost unrecognizable when compared to the original work from LEISURE, showcasing new musical ideas. His works tend to include shorter samples that lay perfectly within ambient layered melodies. Check out Laurence Guy's upcoming shows here

Connect with LEISURE: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Connect with Laurence GuyFacebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Deep House · House


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