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NVDES's "SOMETHING LIKE YOU" continues the creation of his alternate universe [Premiere]

When NVDES released his artist album Vibe City Utah, it was clear that it was not just meant to be an audio experience. The experimental nature of the songs makes them feel like they were a part of a brainstorming exercise, a stream of conscious study connecting of passion, aggression and energy into a fluid, splatter painted piece of modern expression. NVDES explains, "On the music side everything is a freestyle that I then chop up and just arrange to fit into songs. I want to expose people to what it feels like to hone in on those first ideas, those first inspirational moments. A lot of times that's the magic of music, but it gets lost in modern production. That first idea, that first spark is so easy to lose when people are overproducing." Now, the LA-based artist continues the story originally told by his punk meets electronic music in video form.

While starting with singles “Ou La La La (All Eyes On Us)” “Daddy Bubble”, “Mind Body Soul Music”, “Running” and “They Wrong,” the video series continues with "SOMETHING LIKE YOU." Starring characters Vicky and Waffles, the video is an immediate, in your face commentary on old Hollywood's various tropes: femininity, crime and the power of guilt. We follow them through their neon-colored old timey robbery, as they get their "loot," slowly accounting for their actions as guilt sets in. "<">The overall intention behind this installment of the Vibe City Utah series is this... don’t feel guilty for going after what you want and don’t hide from your desires," explains NVDES.

Collaborating with Parker Day on the video series, NVDES teamed up with her to shoot 10 total videos in Idyllwild California over a two-day period. For NVDES, this was an opportunity to leverage creativity and explore. "Each video from the album features different characters, and represents ten different universes, ten different worlds based around each song."

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