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PLS&TY keeps it smooth as butter with "Rebel Love"

After entering through the electronic music doors a few years ago, PLS&TY has continued to state his mannerisms with remixes like Portugal. The Man's "Live In The Moment" and Jocelyn Alice's "I Know." His newest single "Rebel Love" continues to keep things smooth with undulating synths, penetrating percussion, and keen vocals. 

A sliding electric guitar with an ambient atmosphere slowly open the curtains on this piece. "Rebel Love" is about the dissimilarities within a relationship. There are good and bad, of course, with all of them. None of them are perfect, but at the end of the day you will still fight for the one you love. "I'll spend my life with the a rebel love/ I'll take a bullet for you/ You've been my hero and my criminal/ and I'll be ready to shoot/ 'till I give up on you," the track sings. The drop is PLS&TY's signature future bass style and sound. Peppering in a sharp electric guitar melody and pairing it with the mouthwatering synths locks in those baleful feelings and assembles what's to come.

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Dance · Future Bass


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