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Sofya Wang "Found Love" in her own unique way

Artists in this era are often made to go with the current trend and forgo their true artistic representation. Our newest find Sofya Wang is someone who strives to be true to herself at all times. Starting as a classically trained pianist and cellist, her musical background already shows a sturdy base before she even ventured into songwriting and production. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, she is fully formed and found her own voice in the pop genre laced with a twist. Her newest record "Found Love" is an unabashed view on finding authentic love. As an active and vocal LGBT member, she makes it a point of duty in expressing a true version of herself through her music. On the song, she explores the many variables associated with the song's premise using expressive lyrics and infectious melodies to match. The deep pop stylings of her instrumentation are intertwined with alternate rock elements to create a truly unique listening experience. The visual is quite vivid too and displays a flirtatious vibrant feel as Wang is depicted in her true form here.

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