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Robyn releases video for "Honey," performs in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Robyn is continuing to add to the success of what has seemingly been the greatest comeback of her career, the release of her critically-acclaimed album Honey. This week, focus is on the album's title single, giving it time to shine after its debut in the final episode of HBOs Girls in 2017. 

The track's official video debuted this morning, and it is heartwarmingly, quintessentially Robyn. The Swedish star is known for her focus on the acute heartbreak in romantic hardships, but through singles that lyrics ignored, create a unique dichotomy as dance anthems. The video for "Honey" zooms in on that concept that has become so uniquely hers over her career, with the majority of the video showing close ups of bodies in indeterminate states. But as things pan out visually and over time, we realize that our assumptions are indeed wrong, and the shots we've seen have been of a freeing, sweaty dance floor - Robyn's favorite. 

Robyn also visited the Live Lounge at BBC Radio 1 to perform an acoustic version of the song, which departs from its electronic roots in an exceptionally riveting way. Surely, this adds more hype coming to her upcoming tour.


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