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Trove soars "Higher Than The Moon" with atmospheric electro-pop release

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Trove is a master at his craft; flitting in between arrays of organic and electronic timbres with effortless ease and humble confidence, Trove is all-around captivating. "Higher Than The Moon" is a testament to his dance, an atmospheric electro-pop release that delivers stunning vocals and ethereal production. The song comes as his first original track for 2018 following a long string of features this year, including his collaboration with Famba and Lucky Rose on "Wish You Well."

A classic Trove sound, "Higher Than The Moon" illuminates the airy effervescence of his vocal production. Amidst the emotive and expressive melodies, we come to understand the narrative of the song: the strange and exciting phenomenon of two people continuously and randomly intertwining throughout each other’s lives - almost always on happenstance and almost always pure chance. The abundance of twinkling synths and delightful harmonic pads reflect the reverbs of his half-sung, half-spoken lyrics, exhibiting the pure and raw personal emotions that Trove weaves in. We look forward to what Trove will bring us in his forthcoming EP.


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Atmospheric · Electro Pop · Pop


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