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Tibasko's "Bodhi" is a melodic techno masterpiece swirling with ethereality

Comprised of Hertfordshire-based producers Ken Petalcorin and Andy Bowden, Tibasko takes the enigma of melodic techno to the forefront of the dance music scene with their newest release "Bodhi." With both members previously holding a long and rich history in production within other genres, Tibasko is essentially a unity of their sonic expertise - contextualized in an alluring soundscape of tribal and world music influences.

Released via their own label Osumaré Records, "Bodhi" is a culmination of their signature tribal sound, diversified with its usage of worldly percussions and organic synths. Opening with catchy snares and a progressive melodic beat, Tibasko sets the scene for an infectiously dance-worthy soundscape. The complexity of their melodic patterns shines through as the tempo picks up, melding in elements of disco strings and a soothing lo-fi sound that subtly flits in and out of the track for a laid-back ambiance. 


Connect with Tibasko: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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