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No1MC is straight kicking ballistics on "Never Fake The Funk"

The last time we heard from Oceanside,CA-based producer/emcee No1MC was when he took us "Behind the scenes" literally speaking. However, on his latest effort titled "Never Fake The Funk", the emcee goes into a more personal zone as he shares with us some delicate info about his background and upbringing.

He makes it known from the get-go that it's not all fun and games when he disses his father for not being a man and leaving his mother with all the responsibilities amongst other things.  Musically he paints a solemn picture of a man trying to make something out of nothing over the soulful, retrospective soundscape but it's not all gloom and doom as he boldly states  "...I always put in work...Always shooting for the stars I know it couldn't hurt/getting closer to my dreams yo hard work really works...".  

With one project under his belt, Conditional Struggle, No1MC sure has a whole lot more to share judging from the quality material he has been putting out.

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