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Little People and Tif Lamson watch the "Skies Turn Blue" in eclectic electronic release

For Laurent Clerc, otherwise known as Little People, music is all about the process - every sound, every note and every subtle tone is used with a technical idea in mind. Perhaps as an artist he's the most attentive to detail, ensuring everything is a piece to the puzzle that is a holistic listening experience. Featuring Tif Lamson, "Skies Turn Blue" is his second single after a long hiatus, a cinematic and easygoing track that encapsulates a whimsical nostalgia.  

Beautifully simple yet complex, "Skies Turn Blue" retains Clerc's signature melodic beats amidst the organic piano chords and subtle bells. Almost dream-like, the entirety of the song exudes an interesting mish-mash of genres - most notably the disco-like strings that are the highlight of the track. With Lamson's croons intermittently cascading over the instrumentals, "Skies Turn Blue" is but a myriad of feelings and lush soundscapes - all-around uplifting and peaceful. 

Little People will be releasing his Landloper album in January, 2019. 


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Photo credit: Dee Ramadan


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