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Tycho returns with "Jetty," his first new single in two years

Tycho is back gearing up to end his 2018 giving just enough new music for the year to savor through New Year's. The San Francisco-based electronic artist has a quieter year, releasing only a few sets of remixes. But today, he's dropped a sprawling, beautiful composition in his latest and first original in nearly two years, "Jetty."

Tycho has made a name for himself in creating vast soundscapes, and "Jetty" is a swift reminder of how he got there. Evoking nature in title and sound, the track leads to an immediate realization of the music world without Tycho in it, and a recognition of the void he leaves behind. His approach to layering sounds is beyond other worldly, creating a world of its own within its walls.

Connect with Tycho: SoundCloud | Spotify 


Electronic · Main Stage


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