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Olivia Grace liberates herself from toxicity in “Higher Ground”

House pop with attitude, Olivia Grace has released her newest single “Higher Ground”. Produced and engineered by Dave Burris (Saro, RKCB), it features an upbeat blend of distinctive electronic sounds paired with soft yet fierce vocals.

Grace’s inspiration in writing the song was this idea of freeing herself from a negative relationship, ready to pursue a more elevated future. “I can’t go back, water’s raising fast.” The situation has become so toxic she feels as if she’s drowning and has to escape.

She shares, “I wrote Higher Ground about putting myself first. At the time, I kept compromising what I wanted and making myself smaller to lift someone else up. Writing Higher Ground was therapeutic when I decided that I needed to keep moving forward in my life."

Grace has found some success being featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Poptronix and VEVO’s incoming indie playlist. Be sure to check out this exciting artist on the rise.

Connect with Olivia Grace: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 



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