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MIKNNA takes you on a late night ride with new single "NIGHTCAP"

LA's most dynamic of duos - MIKNNA - has been coming with the jams all year. They are back with the third and final single, "NIGHTCAP", from their forthcoming album slated to release early next year.

"NIGHTCAP" is a dark, electro-r&b jam that's full of hard-hitting 808s and solemn synth keys. It's the perfect soundtrack for those after dark adventures. The 80s vibes present throughout the song are happily welcomed, adding to the night time vibes captured sonically.

The most refreshing aspect of MIKNNA's three singles ("NIGHTCAP", "Us" and "Electric") leading up to the release of the album is how they each provide their own unique sound that's still very much MIKNNA. With this new album, I'm excited to hear what else the duo has up their sleeve.

MIKNNA's new album drops early 2019; but until then, bump "NIGHTCAP" on your late night rides.

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