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D33J goes to 'Infinity 33' with new mixtape

The LA-based record label WEDIDIT has been carefully nurturing the underground narcotized rap sound since long before people like Travis or Trippie brought it to top hits radio play. Label co-founder D33J has now stepped out from behind the boards this past month to release his newest mixtape 'Infinity 33' this month - flexing his own voal muscle while still handling the full production of the project. Hit play below.

This ten track piece features modern hip-hop mainstays like Lil Yachty, Yung Lean and A$AP Nast, including fellow WEDIDIT co-founder Shlohmo. 'INFINITY 33' is D33J's latest sonic experiment, but this time allowing his own vocals take the main stage.

A prolific producer in hi sown right, D33J channeled his emotions into the production of each track. Upon listening it's clear that the artist had injected a piece of himself into the songwriting and lyric writing—drawing inspiration from past relationships, personal anxieties and a welcomed case of perpetual depression. 'INFINITY 33' finally pulls back the curtain, revealing an artist with a blatant disregard for musical boundaries, matched with ace technical ability and endlessly tangible heart.

Tracks like "Other Man" is a happy go lucky beat that showcases a melancholic introspection of the entirety of the mixtape. On this track D33J explains how he is the "Other Man" in the pursuit of, "making a hundred bands" as a rapper and producer. The heavy bass kicks placed tightly alongside the sliding synth line and bouncing melody to create this sense of childhood eagerness in a track weighed down with real life struggles and perseverance. AJ Tracey and Sloan Evans bookmark this track with a sense of sensibility that only D33J has the ear to set side by side. 

With "Nothing Left" is a morose ode to what life is like in this cold dark world. Featuring Deb Never and Shlomo, I find that this track invokes the passion of a young man who has been reflecting heavily on his past. Deb Never's vocals soar over the drawl of D33J's drug fueled wonder. There's a wonderful juxtaposition of a half note piano line with distorted drums pumping through our ears.  


1. For You (ft. Swan Lingo)
2. Nothing Left (ft. Deb Never and Shlohmo)
3. 10K Froze (ft. Yung Lean, Bladee and Killavesi)
4. Dogtalk (ft. A$AP Nast)
5. Other Man (ft. AJ Tracey and Sloan Evans)
6. Out Of Sight (ft. Lil Yachty)
7. Passport (ft. Swoosh God)
8. Come Close (ft. Steven Moses & Jaxxon D. Silva)
9. Heading South (ft. Deb Never)
10. On My Side (Demo)
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