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Jax Jones teams up with Years & Years on infectious new single "Play"

For those who aren't familiar, Jax Jones is a London based DJ and producer with a knack for captivating house music, and a growing discography permeated with non-stop bangers and chart-topping hit collaborations. His 2016 track "You Don't Know Me" with RAYE has garnered nearly 386 million streams on Spotify, followed by collabs with Ina Wroldsen on "Breathe" and the one of a kind Demi Lovato on "Instruction". With just a glance at his work, it's clear that Jones doesn't just team up with anyone–he gets together with interesting artists who aren't afraid to challenge the norm and redefine modern pop music. The DJ's latest release upholds this statement as he and synth-pop band Years & Years, led by Olly Alexander, get together for another captivating dance track called "Play."

Making music that makes everyone want to dance and move is what Years & Years does best, making this collaboration an entirely unchallenging feat to tackle."How long 'til you play me the song that will make me belong to you?" Alexander questions in the very beginning of the track, in the same cheeky manner found throughout the band's lyricism. "Play," which features production credits from both Jones and British producer Mark Ralph, encapsulates the energy of a festival set in the dead of summer. The song feels endless, as its final notes make for a seamless return to the beginning of the track. This makes it the kind of song mean to be left on repeat without anyone even noticing, or caring–it's not like you'd get bored of it."Play" is a beautifully infectious track that grabs your soul by the hand and brings out to the dancefloor.  

Connect with Jax Jones: Spotify | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Years & Years: Spotify | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram 

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