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Stimming and Lazarusman partner up to deliver "Your Dreams" for Universal Children's Day 2018

With a distinctive repertoire of solid electronic tracks, Hamburg-based artist Stimming has cemented himself as a stand out name since making his production debut back in 2007. His decade worth of experience, alongside his reputation in conceiving unique melodic house tracks, has placed him as a foreseeable artist to watch for. Now, the German luminary has released "Your Dreams" with South African poet Lazaruzman, as their label Gruuv partners with UNICEF for Universal Children’s Day 2018.

November 20th, being Universal Children's Day, is a United Nations backed initiative to mark the date when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. UNICEF has invited children from around the world to take over key roles in media, politics, business, sport and entertainment - to voice their support for millions of their peers who are unschooled, unprotected and uprooted.

Both Lazarusman and Stimming, with a long history of collaboration spanning a decade, have since both become fathers - a thought which inspired Lazarusman to write "Your Dreams". A poem about fatherhood, parenthood, uncles and aunties, adults, and those of us who are responsible and willing to inspire and help shape the humans of the future, "Your Dreams" is a cinematic soundscape of rolling melodies and melodic lyricism that perfectly encapsulates its message. A sound unique to them, Stimming and Lazarusman weave a beautiful and lush web of sound that guides listeners into a lucid reverie.

Alongside their two versions, the duo have also released official Audiojack and Tiefschwarz remixes that effectively alters the dreamscape for an even more visceral listening experience.


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Dance · Electronic · House · Progressive


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