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LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK entrance viewers with “The Game” visuals

Indie electro artists LUI HILL and duo FYE & FENNEK have collaborated to create a single entitled “The Game” and now have just released the song’s new video. Showcasing a distinctive blend of electronic sounds paired with powerful and passionate vocals, it’s not the typical male-female duet. Rather than singing two parts, they alternate, giving the track a more conversational vibe. It’s the feeling of relating, but never quite meeting one another, reminiscent of a complicated dispute. They describe it best when they state, "It‘s not a duet, it‘s a game. We want to show different perspectives coming together.“

After both acts released their debut albums creating major international buzz, they headed to the studio together commemorating their friendship and “The Game” was born.  

Bringing their friends onboard, the entire video was filmed one night in Berlin, further highlighting the deep bond of friendship they value so strongly. The video displays a gritty urban atmosphere of subway stations and city streets as they make their way on an adventurous night out. Combining intense colorful lighting with overlapping imagery, it’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing visuals.

Managing to accomplish a great deal in their careers, LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK have each obtained a huge number of Spotify listeners as well as international media coverage. They both have also been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists. 

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