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Shy Girls gets up close and personal in "Headfucked"

Last month, Portland-based music-maker Dan Vidmar of Shy Girls lulled us into the tranquil reverie of "Hallelujah", a journey of intimacy riddled with gestures of self-awareness. With "Hallelujah" being the first single from his upcoming project, Vidmar returns with "Headfucked" as a striking follow-up, giving us a close-up view into his world.

A soft tempo opening heavy with percussive beats, "Headfucked" instantaneously draws listeners in with its chilling lulls. Notably, the reverberating stringing of guitars twang and twinge the heartstrings, irrevocably evoking deep-seated emotions. The robust lyricism, much like its instrumental accompaniment, is simple and straightforward, illustrating the claustrophobia one might have in their own minds. Lost in thought, lost in clarity, Vidmar flawlessly executes the messy turmoils through his signature downtempo vibes, invoking the restlessness that follows these thoughts.

Alongside the release of the track, Vidmar has also released another self-directed visual.


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