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Serine Karthage makes her fierce introduction on “Ruler” [Video]

There’s a grimy new voice that’s shaking the UK’s R&B scene with unapologetic ferocity. Meet Serine Karthage. Hailing from London, the singer, rapper and producer possesses an infectious energy that could either start a riot or bring peace to the troubled mind.

On the jazz meets 808 “Ruler”, Serine's introspective lyrics resonate with poetic charisma. Written during a period of homelessness when Serine was at rock bottom, "Ruler" is her powerful survival anthem, acting as a self-fulfilling prophecy of inevitable success and a defiant middle finger to anyone who has brushed off her musical ambitions. 

Inflecting the ancient architecture of her native Tunisia into her music, Serine’s sound is crafted with both a timeless essence and futuristic precocity. Serine's pen game is potent, her style is edgy, and she’s here for her crown on “Ruler”.

Connect with Serine: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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