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Get lost in the waves of Claire Mortifee's dreamy "Sea the Signs"

It’s so easy to become all too oblivious to the signs the Universe throws your way when the noises of the world are bent on blurring your senses. It’s in the moments of silence and solitude that the fog starts to clear up, allowing your heartbeat to move in intrinsic synchronization with nature’s eternal clock. On “Sea the Signs”, Claire Mortifee reminds us to take a moment to breathe. To feel the grains of sand under your toes, and the mist of water against your face. Claire’s chilled alto mixes with ambient synths to cultivate a sense of spiritual stillness. Imbued in hazy organs and atmospheric piano progressions, Claire’s satin vocals and words of comfort serve as meditation for the anxious mind.

Turn off the lights, close the door, and enter into the window of your soul with “Sea the Signs”.

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