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Scottish duo LOVE SICK drop 'No Sleep' EP [Album Review]

Scottish dark pop duo LOVE SICK releases No Sleep, an EP with four binge-worthy songs that have been playing on a loop in my apartment all week. Each track has a hypnotic beat and offer a unique take on heavy pop.

A match seemingly orchestrated by the universe, Julie and Shaun of LOVE SICK met at their office holiday party when they were colleagues at a call-centre. Sharing a passion for songwriting and music, they were reunited later at a Glasgow train station. And thus, LOVE SICK was born. 


“Fever”, the opening track, introduces listeners to the intense pop that is LOVE SICK. An intimidating, beat-heavy track, “Fever” displays signature mixing and vocals which are able to skip along the scales effortlessly, the perfect prelude for the songs to follow. “Medusa” is a saucy, fast-paced threat belting into the air at the one who has done you wrong. A melodic chorus asks “you cut my head off then ask if I’m okay”, promising after to bring justice, singing “you’re going to pay though”. It’s a certified revenge anthem, which only the name of a Greek mythological monster would befit as a title. 


LOVE SICK released their debut single “Bullet” in 2017, earning themselves a massive streaming audience and recognition from none other than Sir Elton John. No Sleep is a symbolic title, which represents the duo’s continual hard work and dedication to creating these tracks. The EP owes its title from the duo's “weeks of near-sleep deprivation of writing and recording”. According to the band, they were“juggling part-time jobs and making music”. This effort does not go to waste.

It’s difficult to pinpoint favourites, but “Predictable” is the track I'm drawn to. It has one of those pre-choruses that forces you to clap along with the beat. It then launches into an epic chorus rhythm. This track shows off Julia’s voice that can be strong and delicate in the same song - I am speaking specifically about the end of the chorus. Beautifully, her vocals breathe the last words. 

“Make It” begins with a low, throaty and mysterious sound. The vocals rise again for the chorus, asking “are we gonna make it to the morning?”. In this track, and the ones preceding it, LOVE SICK give us the tour of a night in Scotland. Each track are the stories and feelings that this adventure captures. Ultimately, No Sleep is a one-of-a-kind collection, worthy of your ears. 


Upcoming headlining tour dates:

November 27 - Poetry Club, Glasgow, Scotland

November 29 - Bermondsey Social Club, London, United Kingdom

Follow LOVE SICK online: Facebook  | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

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