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JACKAL debuts cinematic, bass-centric sound in new release "In Love With Nobody"

In an industry inundated with a myriad of genres, LA-based producer JACKAL takes all of it in and makes it a conglomeration of his own sound. From electro house to UK grime to heavy metal, the eclectic beat-maker makes genre distinctions seem redundant, as he fuses them all into his signature bass-driven tracks. Of course, JACKAL is also not one to shy away from experimentation and the continuous evolution of his sound. Returning with a blend of bass and downtempo music genres, JACKAL explores the resilience of the human spirit in his newest single "In Love With Nobody."

"In Love With Nobody" is an instantaneously captivating piece, opening with cinematic, swelling synths that break for the track's singular vocal - an angelic yet heartbreaking voice. Highly emotive, highly experimental, we can see JACKAL meld together reverberating bass lines and digitized melodic effects for a beautiful sonic construction, providing a first glimpse of his growth as a producer. 

Despite its name, "In Love With Nobody" is actually a happy track. "It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone," JACKAL explains. " The title is kind of an ode to one of my all-time favourite bands The Smiths. I feel like Morrissey would totally name a track "In Love With Nobody"."

Connect with JACKAL: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Bass · Electronic · Future Bass


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