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Oya Paya unleash energetic, worldly indie with "Where Is The Line?" [Premiere]

Fresh from Liverpool's DIY scene Oya Paya's world-tinged indie influence comes from members, Saam, Max and Ashwin counting 4 countries amongst their heritage (Iran, Singapore, France and England).

As a result new single "Where Is The Line?" has a strong middle eastern vibe. Exotic and alternative, there is something very moreish about the musical spice. However, whilst Saam and Max are still based in Liverpool, Ashwin sadly left the country due to visa issues. Although still posing in press shots via webcam images and making the best of a bad situation "Where Is The Line?" lyrically highlights these frustrations. The track is theatrical and gnarly, and despite difficult circumstances Oya Paya's music still flourishes; by and large due to the connectedness of the internet. Nevertheless, we can't stop fantasising about how good their live show will be. "Where Is The Line?" is out everywhere from 9th November and until then you can listen exclusively to the single on EARMILK.

Oya Paya on the personal themes of "Where Is The Line?":

“While the lyrical aspect of the song tells a story of being taking advantage of, the composition was crafted with happy and uplifting overtones to mask the sense of irony. Recorded whilst we were in separate countries, against our wishes, this fuelled the frustration that pushed us into making it.”

Connect with Oya Paya: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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