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KUURO & Clockvice slice a banger up in "1000 Cuts"

KUURO is back and joining forces with UK based producer Clockvice for “1000 Cuts,” their first collaboration to date on Monstercat. With previous releases on labels like Never Say Die, Clockvice is paving his own way in dubstep.

"1000 Cuts" is a melting pot of the two artists' styles, combining the ruthless bass of Clockvice and KUURO’s signature dark and cinematic style. The track strikes with thunderous power as gentle piano hooks lead into a piercing metallic trap influenced drop, and then suddenly takes listeners full on into unrelenting dubstep. I've always loved the artwork that KUURO puts out with their releases, taking on the Japanese figurehead of an Oni, reflecting their unrelenting and heavy style. This collaboration between these producers has allowed both artists to focus their explosive energy and vast experience to create a union of forward thinking and volatile bass music. 

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