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EverythingOShauN's new project puts 'Everything Over Everything Else'


EverythingOShauN's latest project, Everything Over Everything Else, takes us through a mix of club hits and R&B grooves. All ranges of hip-hop fans can find a different favorite track here, as the project explores themes of growing up, establishing relationships, and freedom of thought. From the very first moment of EOEE Toronto's EverythingOShauN brings the heat. The drop on "S4S" sets the stage for a tight yet powerful 8 tracks. One of the standout track "Manana," has an intoxicating hook with perfectly tuned vocals and features Xpress aka DJXP. "Golden," another highlight track features Clairmont The Second for a guest verse and focuses on the come up. OShuaN makes a point to assure friends and foes alike that he is "Doing Golden."

EOEE is a follow-up to 2017's Almost Everythingwhich did well to introduce the world to EverythingOShauN. With an already large catalog of art to consume between these two projects, another EP Until Nowand numerous videos, Toronto's EverythingOShauN keeps himself busy and keeps fans happy.

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